Bid With Confidence!

We Offer a 48-Hour Guarantee that items you purchase are functional.

Functional Guarantee

Items are guaranteed for functionality only.  Items are not guaranteed for cosmetic condition, size, color or completness/parts.

Test items before you depart

You are more than welcome to test items before you accept possession.  Refunds will be processed immediately

Quality items

We strive to bring you quality items and/or list them accurately.  Occassionally, an item does not function as it should and we do not want you stuck with something that is not functional.

Let us know

You have 48 hours after pickup to let us know if you have an item that does not function.  Once notified, you have 5 days to return the item to our location and we will process your refund.

What we do…

We strive to bring you the best quality items at our auctions.  We bring in truckloads from a wide range of vendors in an array of conditions.  The most common are listed below.  We look forward to working with you and encourage you to